Over the last 3 year of R & D about news and technology regarding no matter which and how we start to interact with technology like politics, technology , Start-ups and many more grown tremendously. TECHTOMEDIA is no just a single authored blog or website it’s little bit more than this. We recently start to hiring a team for a blogging and deliver you a quality content with a reality.The authors who write for us and we also get experts from their respective fields publish their columns on on their own blog too. We are in early stage of bloggin but hope readers like the change that you are seeing The author is written by Yogesh Patil and as an internet enthusiast IT professional eagle on fire and try to do some dramatically change in Indian as well US Technologies news.

About my Interests: As visible from my blog, I am passionate about the new businesses as well technology trends, an entrepreneurship, and new Start-ups with Indian flavor. Other than that my interests include keeping in touch with latest happenings in the field of startups , ideas, innovation, finance and over all cut-off course about the technology.

I spend overall 12 to 14 hours a day on my lappy , out of which 8 hours is my full time work and rest of the time, it is either writing creative blog / reading about news , startups, technology and many more.

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