Tesla’s Megapack – A New Battery System to Store Renewable Energy

Tesla on Monday declared its most comprehensive battery product, called Tesla’s “Megapack”, it’s intended to simplify the investment method for large energy-storage outlines.

Tesla invest on Megapack Project
Tesla invest on Megapack Project

Each Megapack can save up to 3 megawatt-hours of power and switch up to 1.5 megawatts of strength from a direct course (DC) to an alternating current (AC) so places can use it.

Tesla’s “Megapack” had previously done its industrial-size Powerpack batteries for large-scale projects but says the Megapack has 60 percent more energy density.

A system of Megapacks is more cost-effective and can be fixed faster than a fossil-fuel power plant, Tesla says, and the Megapacks can collect energy generated by wind turbines or solar councils.

Tesla Battery
Tesla invest in Megapack Project

What’s next plan of Tesla’s Megapack ???

Tesla has to expand massive energy projects over the last few years. The company has sold its Powerwall home batteries for roughly four years, which capture and store energy generated by solar panels. In 2015, Tesla released a product called Powerpack, which is essentially an industrial version of Powerwall meant to be “infinitely scalable.”

The electric-car and electricity company will use Megapacks in a California installation operated by that Pacific Gas and Electric Company and intended for use when demand for electricity from environmental grids more famous than their supply.

teslas giant battery house

“Battery storage is transforming the global electrical grid and is an increasingly important element of the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” Tesla said in a blog post on its website.

Tesla invest on Megapack Project
Tesla invest in Megapack Project

Tesla reaches on new Height’s :

In 2017, Tesla managed Powerpacks to invest in Australia what it says is the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery to sustain local energy grids. The project reduced costs by almost US$40 million during its first year, Tesla says.

The accommodation has come to account for an increasingly large percentage of Tesla’s energy business, which also includes solar panels. While solar installations have declined in recent years, installed storage-capacity has increased.

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Read more about Tesla….http://www.tesla.com

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