Latest news : Google I/O 2019 – Announcement from Google I/O 2019

New York: Google I/O 2019, as of now they launched various interesting gadgets and futuristic technology for a better future. Let’s look at something interesting out of them.

Autocomplete Gmail :

In a new feature called “Smart Compose” — just hinder beating the Tab button and Google will keep autocompleting your information. You can change it on right now as part of the new Gmail activity Google is rolling out.

Google Assistant :

Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019

Google Assistant has gained a major discovery, according to CEO Sundar Pichai. Soon, it will seem much more tangible — in fact, the new voice of Google Assistant coming later this year is none other than R&B star John Legend.

Google Assistant “Continued Conversations” :

Thanks to a feature called Continued Conversations, you don’t need to say “OK Google” every time you want to talk to it — just use the ability to get the dialogue going, and ask as many topics as you like after that. Google Assistant will also learn your past answers, and can now parse many questions in a single penalty.

Google Private Assistant :

Google is working feature parents have been begging for years, since the advent of private assistants: a courtesy feature, where you essentially get credit for saying “please” when you ask for something from Google Assistant. This is designed to teach children not to be bossy when bidding for things; when you say “please,” Google will be very sensitive to you and also remember yourself

Google Android P :

Google I/O 2019, Google’s new translation of Android, called Android P, focuses on something called “digital wellbeing.” Basically, Google wants you to consume less time on your phone and more time with your loved ones, so Android will give you information about how you use your telephone, and even create checks to limit screentime, particularly with certain apps like YouTube.

Google Subscription :

Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019

If you have subscriptions to multiple publications, newspapers, and online magazines, a new feature called “Subscribe With Google” will let you access all your paid content anywhere: On Google Search, Google News, and on the publishers’ own sites

Android P without Buttons in Google I/O 2019:

Google is preparing for later Android phones without buttons. The new Android P has a new shipping method that makes multitasking easier by placing emphasizing movements of buttons. It looks very similar to the way iOS works on the buttonless iPhone X, where there’s a swipe icon at the very bottom of the phone to help you navigate and multitasking.

Android P has a feature called “Shush” mode :

If the object is turned on, and you put your phone face down on a table, it will automatically activate “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Another smart article in Android P :

If you’re looking at the envelope and you rotate the phone, either on purpose or randomly, a button will pop up to let you rotate the cover. Otherwise, you can keep the display the way it is.

Google Maps :

Google I/O 2019 showed off some very modern technology for Google Maps that lets you use your phone’s camera to travel around town using Street View. You can wave your phone in presence of you, and you’ll see the Street View version of what you’re seeing on your phone. If you need directions, giant arrows (or even animated characters) can name you where to go next. It’s very much like “Crazy Taxi,” but in the real world.

Google Lens of Google I/O 2019:

Google I/O 2019 announced a cool new leader for its futuristic camera software called Google Lens: Now if you point your phone’s camera at a book, you can highlight the text with your finger, and copy it to your phone. Yes, really.

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